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our Compliance services

Explore our compliance services

AML/CFT Risk Assessment

We can conduct a comprehensive assessment of an organization's AML/CFT risks, including evaluating the effectiveness of existing controls, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing recommendations for risk mitigation.

AML/CFT Program Development

We assist organizations in developing and implementing robust AML/CFT policies, procedures, and controls tailored to their specific risk profile and regulatory requirements.

Compliance Gap Analysis

We perform assessments of an organization's current AML/CFT practices and controls against regulatory expectations and best practices, identifying any gaps or deficiencies, and providing recommendations for remediation.

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Explore our compliance services

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

AXIOMA helps organizations understand and comply with AML/CFT regulations and guidelines issued by relevant authorities, such as financial intelligence units or regulatory bodies.

Transaction Monitoring and Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)

We advise clients on the design, implementation, and optimization of transaction monitoring systems to detect and report suspicious activities effectively.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Enhancements

We provide expert guidance in developing robust processes for customer risk assessment. Our services include effective identification, thorough verification, and comprehensive risk assessment of customers or counterparties. Trust AXIOMA to enhance your KYC/CDD procedures for enhanced due diligence.

more about our compliance services

Explore our compliance services

Training and Awareness Programs

Empowering Compliance through Training. Our engaging programs educate employees on AML/CFT regulations, red flags, and the importance of compliance. Foster a culture of compliance and strengthen your framework with AXIOMA's comprehensive training sessions. Trust us to enhance your organization's compliance practices.

Independent Audits and Testing

Your partner for Compliance Independent Audits and Testing. We ensure regulatory compliance, conduct unbiased audits, and identify control gaps. Trust us to navigate complex requirements, minimize risks, and enhance your compliance framework. Schedule a consultation for expert support in independent audits and testing.

Remediation and Corrective Action

Your partner for compliance audit remediation. We offer tailored gap analysis, process improvement, policy development, training, and ongoing monitoring to address compliance deficiencies efficiently. Regain compliance confidence with AXIOMA's expert solutions. Contact us for personalized remediation services.



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